Mary Ellen Cunningham Elementary School

Coffee Chats- August 10th

Dear Cunningham Village Families,


We want to thank you for your generous words of encouragement as we have navigated the unknown these past few months.  We also recognize that there are still many questions and we want to be able to help communicate what we know about school reopening. Last night, the Austin ISD Board of Trustees voted to delay the start of school to September 8th.  At this time administrators are getting additional information and directives so that we can ensure a smooth start to virtual learning on September 8th.  Virtual learning will last for at least four weeks and has the possibility to be extended beyond that.  


On Monday, August 10th we will host two “Coffee Chats”  the first one at 8 am and another at 6pm.  We will answer your questions so that we can help you and your students feel prepared for the school year. Zoom links for our Coffee Chats will be sent to our Cunningham Village via email. 


In order to help us prepare, if you have any questions that may take us some research, please submit your question on this padlet so that we can try to reach out to the appropriate personnel.


Again, we appreciate the grace and support you have shown our entire Cunningham Village.  This is just further proof that we really are “the coolest little school in South Austin.”


Your Principals,

Heather Petruzzini                   Roxanna Rodriguez

Principal                                  Assistant Principal