Mary Ellen Cunningham Elementary School

Learning Through the Arts

One of our core beliefs at Cunningham is that students benefit from an arts-rich education. The Arts are a great way to foster critical thinking and problem-solving and to help our students see and experience all the greatness that life has to offer.

Through a partnership with MindPop, Cunningham houses artists in “The Village of the Arts.” Artists from Paramount Theatre, Theatre Heroes, Armstrong Community Music School, and Pollyanna Theatre Company use empty classrooms as studio space for free. In return, our school receives free entry to many performances and rehearsals. Paramount Story Wranglers work with one grade level each year to write scripts with the students, which are then performed by actors for the entire campus. We love our arts-rich partnerships on our campus. 

The aim of this partnership program is to expose children to the arts so that they begin to see themselves as artists and patrons of the arts. Through exposure to theater, dance, and the visual arts, our students learn to think critically and see the world around them as a canvas.